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Bimble, Kentucky, KY: Farms

There are 10 Farms in or near Bimble, Kentucky KY.

Bill Farm Of Debusk

Bill Farm Of Debusk is located approximately 33 miles from Bimble. A friendly Farm. Phone number: (423) 626-5516.
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Clyde P House Farm

Clyde P House Farm is located approximately 22 miles from Bimble. A decent Farm, they're located at 4350 N Hwy 11. Their phone number is (606) 847-4574.
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Copperhead Hollow Farm

Copperhead Hollow Farm is located approximately 16 miles from Bimble. Copperhead Hollow Farm is very popular place in this area. Need to give Copperhead Hollow Farm a call? (606) 877-1560.
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Cornett Farms

Cornett Farms is located approximately 22 miles from Bimble. Customers have good opinions about Cornett Farms. You can call them at (606) 864-5271.
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Don Wade Sullivan

Don Wade Sullivan is located approximately 10 miles from Bimble. Visit Don Wade Sullivan at 2469 Sam Parker Rd. You can reach them at (606) 528-6313.
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Haymaker Angus Farms

Haymaker Angus Farms is located approximately 27 miles from Bimble. They're one of the best in the area. Contact them at (423) 869-4115.
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Laurel River Farm

Laurel River Farm is located approximately 23 miles from Bimble. They're a decent Farm in Bimble. Need to give Laurel River Farm a call? (606) 878-0456.
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P & E Farm

P & E Farm is located approximately 6 miles from Bimble. They're a decent Farm in Bimble. Call them at (606) 546-4502.
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Pine View Farm

Pine View Farm is located approximately 14 miles from Bimble. Pine View Farm is a really good Farm. If you need more information, call them: (606) 598-5326.
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Strawberry Fields Plantation

Strawberry Fields Plantation is located approximately 25 miles from Bimble. A friendly Farm. You can call them at (423) 869-2029.
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