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Sod, West Virginia, WV: Farms

There are 10 Farms in or near Sod, West Virginia WV.

Carson Farm

Carson Farm is located approximately 26 miles from Sod. They're one of the best on the market. Contact them at (304) 773-6003.
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Clark Fruit & Vegetable Farm

Clark Fruit & Vegetable Farm is located approximately 28 miles from Sod. They are a nice Farm. You can call them at (740) 886-6335.
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Crihfield Farms

Crihfield Farms is located approximately 16 miles from Sod. Contact information: 800 Smith St. Their phone number is (304) 344-1153.
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Cyden Farms

Cyden Farms is located in Sod. Looking for a good Farm? Check out Cyden Farms at 11 Erman Dr. Contact them at (304) 756-7888.
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Donald Karnes Farm

Donald Karnes Farm is located approximately 22 miles from Sod. Donald Karnes Farm is very popular place in this area. Their phone number is (304) 984-0605.
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FARMS HERITAGE is located approximately 27 miles from Sod. A decent Farm, they're located at 12621 CHARLESTON RD. Their phone number is (304) 675-5724.
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Farms Heritage

Farms Heritage is located approximately 27 miles from Sod. Visit Farms Heritage at RR 2 Box 25. Need to give Farms Heritage a call? (304) 675-5724.
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Kocher Farms Llc

Kocher Farms Llc is located approximately 15 miles from Sod. Contact information: Auburn. Contact them at (304) 349-2725.
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LEATHERWOOD FARMS is located approximately 27 miles from Sod. Regarded as one of the best Farms in Sod area, LEATHERWOOD FARMS is located at RR 460. You can reach them at (304) 327-7718.

Leatherwood Farms

Leatherwood Farms is located approximately 26 miles from Sod. Customers have good opinions about Leatherwood Farms. Phone number: (304) 327-7718.
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